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We are your outsourced CLOUD Accounts Department based in Birmingham, UK. We are your business allies who work with small businesses and think big. Using our business and financial expertise as well as the latest technology, which includes XERO accounting software, we take away the pain of managing your own accounts.

We are Chartered Accountants and business advisor specialists for small businesses. We know the freedom that comes with partnering with someone who is as proactive as us and the difference it makes to be able to focus more on what you do best.

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We handle all the statutory stuff. You do your own bookkeeping online. A flexible way of keeping control of the day-to-day, while leaving the year-end to us.

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As registered GrowthAccelerator Coaches, we can guide your business on a fast track to sustainable growth. Small business made big.

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Small Business Guide Cloud Computing




KSA provide guidance and assistance when we need it and have enabled us to make real sense of our accounts.

Ian Graham. Fusion Architectural Building
 Systems Ltd

Working with KSA Associates has been of enormous benefit to our business. Kevin has implemented a number of new procedures and controls.

Phoenix – UK.

KSA were instrumental in the set-up of our business. They provided a first-class accountancy service and assisted in general operational business issues.


Having KSA onboard is like having a part-time Finance Director in place. This enables me to concentrate on running the business.

Vicky Coyle. Kalfab Holdings Ltd

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Aug 17

Top 5 Advantages of cloud Bookkeeping

Posted by Nathan Golby at Monday, August 17, 2015

Cloud bookkeeping has created a significant efficiency in the world of accountancy. At this core, cloud bookkeeping automates manual tasks so you can spend more doing the things that matter.

So lets jump into looking at the advantages:

1. Support more Clients in less time 

As discussed cloud bookkeeping and automation go hand in hand . automation takes manual tasks and provides us with software to this for us.

for example, in accounting solutions, transaction are created without data entry. in the past , data entry was incredibly manual. accountants and bookkeepers would spend hours entering transaction data from aper ban statements. Many of the larger accounting platforms (such as Xero) have a vibrant add-on system. these add-ons integrate directly into the software- so you are able to automate everything fro document workflow to to forecasting cash flow.

2. Real time Financial Reporting

The ability to efficiently manage cash flow is the holy grail of financial success for many business owners,

Entrepreneurs often don't have real-time insights into their own business. they have to blindly conduct their daily operations. the lack of key timely financial info can make or break a company.

Cloud bookkeeping solves this. it puts business owners back in the drivers seat. it provides them with auto-updated, real-time information about the financial health of their company.

3. Collaboration made Easy

With the cloud business owners and their advisor's have the the information they need, when they need it.Documents are secure in the cloud and accessible from anywhere. this means accountant and bookkeepers have the document they need, whenever they need it - giving them greater control of their time.

4. Cloud Software is always improving 

One of the magical parts of cloud software is the ease with which providers can push updates. this is different from desktop software where the version you're stuck with. 

Many cloud software companies ask their customer for feedback. they use that feedback to contribute to their product roadmap. this means customer see the results when the software is updated.

5. Backup is a Breeze

When most of us think of backing up our data, we often delay it because something "more important"came up. Manually backing up is a pain.

Thanks to the cloud and the deep integration between bookkeeping software and their add-ons, back up is automatic. In the best cases, it happens as part of your workflow.


Doing some manual work is time that could be better spent on high value activities. Software is here help! Contact Nathan Golby (Commercial Director) to find out how we can support you and your finances email me on nathan@ksaassociates.co.uk

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